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Healing is practised in many different ways and by as many different people and forms. 

Ultimately none are better or worse than any other intrinsically.   The different methods used by the different practitioners are simply techniques that they have learnt or been taught that allow the Healing to flow.

Some may chooses to use Crystals, some may offer ceremonies.  Some may offer everything from Earth Energy Stones to Auric Massage.
These are simply the keys that open the doors for that specific Healer or Patient.

I was first introduced to Healing by a Spiritual Healer –Bill Harrison- who whilst clear of many of the “Must & Must Nots” prevalent in so many teachers, still had his own way’s and techniques.

I spent many years with Bill, learning from him from both observation and practice.  For a long time I followed his methods and techniques as I learned to become sensitive to the subtle changes in the finer energies. 

Over the years, as I started to work independently I explored many different techniques and ways of working.  However, I kept coming back to the simple truth “That the Healer is not the person, simply the channel”.

The more the Healer believes that they are “doing” something, the more they are getting in the way of the process.

The very best “Healers” won’t actually “do” anything more than enable a state of deep relaxation within the patient.
They will then stand to one side whilst the healing flows through and to the patient, allowing the Healing Energies to be used by the patient for their best effect.

This may not always be the healing that was expected or hoped for.

I’ve worked with many patients as they’ve approached the end of their physical lives, both through natural causes and terminal illness.
Most, if not have all initially come with a hope that a miracle will take place and their physical lives will be transformed.  Without exception, everyone has received what they needed most at that particular moment in their lives.

Every single one of us comes into this life with an outline of the challenges we will face.  Our lives evolve and grow as we personally develop and change as we meet these challenges. Sometimes we will make choices based on experience and wisdom learnt from what has gone before. 

Other times we make different choices, and from our mistakes and subsequent experience we learn new wisdom.